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Holding specializes in merger and acquisition activities, mainly focusing on IPO's and pre-IPO's within the GCC. It provides financial assistance to family-owned businesses and companies in distress through capital increase, mergers, and corporate restructuring with the aim of maximizing profitability.

Company Establishment:
The Company was Founded in June 2001 and has increased its capital to 250 million Kuwaiti dinars paid in full in 2006 and was renamed to STEHWAZ Holding Company. The Company's Paid-up and Authorized Capital 250,000,000 Kuwaiti Dinars (almost 848 M. USD, and about 536 M. Euro) with nominal value of 100 fils per share (.214 Euros, .338 USD)


Financial Highlights


?STEHWAZ's Total Asset in
31/12/2007 was almost KD 450 Millions based on the consolidated balance sheet. And in 2006 KD 262 Millions.

?The Total shareholders equity was 124.4% in 2007.

?The Book Value is 115.4 fils in 2007 and was 104 in 2006.